The Facilities and Functions

Every floor in Oodi has its own character, based on the possibilities it offers. Oodi has room for both quiet and more noisy activities.

What is Oodi? / The Facilities and Functions

1st floor: events, coffee and meetings

The active public facilities and large event venues, such as the cinema and the multi-purpose hall, are located on the first floor. The busy entrance hall forms the floor of transition and partners, and also contains the quick library services.

  • A cinema
  • A multi-purpose hall
  • A café and restaurant
  • An area for early childhood education
  • Pop-up stalls
  • Virka-info
" You will be able to book facilities through Varaamo once Oodi has opened."

2nd floor

The second floor is dedicated to work, learning by doing, interaction and sharing time with others, and has studios, game rooms, urban workshops, work and meeting rooms, and group work facilities. The floor also has tranquil rooms for taking breaks.

  • 2 general studios
  • 2 editing rooms
  • A photography and video studio
  • A room for playing instruments
  • A control room
  • A drum room
  • A media room
  • Rooms for small groups
  • 3D scanners, laser cutter, sticker printer, heat press, sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, embroidery machines and badge machines

3rd floor

The top floor is a place to relax and unwind. Underneath the undulating ceiling, you can have a break from your daily chores, have some coffee and admire the view from the Citizens’ Balcony. This floor resembles a traditional library the most. The children’s section is also located here.

  • The children’s section
  • A café
  • The Citizens’ Balcony
  • 7 reading oases
  • 100,000 books