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Autumn begins at Oodi and more services open


Oodi goes into normal opening hours 10th of August. We’re open from Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm and on the weekend from 10 am to 8pm.

We are following social distancing due to the epidemic. Please make sure you keep a safe distance to other patrons and staff. Hand sanitizer is available on all floors.

Please note, all equipment is self service.

We’re opening 2nd floor services

Some of the Urban Workshop services are reopened on Tuesday 11th of August.
You can make reservations at starting Monday.

The following services will be available again:

Gameroom 1-3

There will be a 30 minute gap between users, to allow the air conditioning to circulate properly, and you can only do one hour reservations.

Recoding studio

Electronic workstation at Konehuone are available but UV- printer and laser cutter are not in use at this time.

Other available services include studios 5 and 6, large format printer, vinyl cutter, sewing machines, overlock machines, 3D printers, embroidery machine, button pin machine, cover stich machine and wire binding machine.

We are opening a new photography and videostudio

Oodi’s photography and video studio is a soundproof space where you can photograph and shoot with different backdrop cardboards and edit images. There are lights, reflectors, grip equipment and other accessories you are free to use according to your own experience level. You can also borrow a dslr-camera for studio use along with other photography- and video equipment.

Customer computers and group rooms

We still have every other customer workstation in use. You can print and make photocopies normally at Oodi.

You can reserve internet workstations from here

Group- and workrooms are in use as normal.

You can reserve all equipment and facilities from Varaamo

Go to the Varaamo

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