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Organise an event

Oodi is a place that welcomes small and large event organisers alike. Oodi features accessible event facilities with various technologies suitable for a wide variety of events. Whether you want to cook with friends, play a show with your band, have a panel discussion or hold a publication event for a book, we have your facility needs covered!

You are welcome to hold your event at Oodi!

As a library, we want to provide people with a wide array of information about the world and its minor and major phenomena. Here, you can hold not only events related to literature, culture and music, but discussion events or lectures on various topics as well. You can organise events that are open to all, i.e. events without registration or an entrance fee, free of charge.

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Our wish is that events held with us speak to different people so that occasional visitors can find suitable events as well. We aim to host a diverse range of events, and for this reason, we do not usually accept serial events. If you want to hold an event with an entrance fee or a private event at Oodi, you can do so for a fee.

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How to organise an event at Oodi

1. Send us your event proposal
2. Tell us your technology and equipment needs
3. Market your event through different channels
4. Be there on the day of the event

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Literature event

The third floor of Oodi, called Book Heaven, is an excellent place for holding literature events. For example, a book publishing event or literature-themed discussion events are an excellent fit for these facilities. The floor is suitable for events for 10–50 people that last around one hour and are open to all and suitable for open facilities. For such events, Oodi provides a PA system and microphones for 1–4 speakers. No fee is charged for using the facilities. If you need space for a larger audience, you can organise a literature event in our other event facilities as well. In such cases, a fee may be charged for using the facilities. Enquire about available times and the suitability of your event for Book Heaven: oodi.aikuiset@hel.fi.

If you want to hold a closed literature event, such as a publishing event for invited guests, you can reserve Oodi’s fee-based event facilities. Please note that in such a case, a fee is usually charged for using the facilities.

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Public event

Oodi’s Maijansali Hall and Kino Regina are excellently suited for holding various public events. Events such as panel discussions, public lectures or seminars are a good fit for these facilities. You can also order catering for events from Oodi’s restaurant.

Maijansali Hall has extensive presentation technology, and the hall can be furnished in a variety of ways. Whether you need table groups for group work or an auditorium stand, Maijansali Hall has your needs covered! Maijansali Hall can accommodate up to 180 people, but the hall also works well for smaller events.

Kino Regina’s stylish stand has seats for up to 250 audience members, and the facility is especially well suited for larger seminars or meetings.

If you have any questions about the suitability of your event for Oodi, you can email us at oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

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Music event

Oodi has two excellent venues for musical performances. The Book Heaven facilities on the third floor are suitable for calm, unplugged and short musical performances. Maijansali Hall on the first floor, on the other hand, features diverse presentation technology including lights and a high-quality PA system. There are seats for 100–180 people, depending on what kind of a stand is built for the event.

Enquire about available times and the suitability of your music event for Oodi: oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

Children’s event

In the children’s area on the third floor of Oodi, you can organise open, free-of-charge events for children and families. Events can be held in an open facility or children’s event facility that also features video and audio equipment. The area is suitable for events such as publishing events for children’s books or children’s music events, as well as small-scale theatre performances.

Enquire about available times and the suitability of your event for Oodi: oodi.lapsetjanuoret@hel.fi.

Art exhibition

Oodi focuses on presenting technology-mediated art – works designed to be presented in digital format. At Oodi, it is possible to organise small or larger media art exhibitions or art events. Whether you are planning a workshop, screening or media art experience, we have a variety of technical equipment and facilities that are suitable for artistic use.

If you would like to organise an exhibition at Oodi, please write a short exhibition application that indicates the nature and type of the work. Indicate at least the following in your application:

  • What the work deals with and from what point of view, as well as the potential target audience
  • The format, technical requirements and dimensions of the work
  • The desired dates of the exhibition
  • Images/video/other material illustrating the exhibition idea

Please send your application by email to sanna.m.huttunen@hel.fi (Sanna Huttunen)

Film screening

You can reserve Kino Regina, the cinema on the first floor of Oodi, for a film screening. The cinema can be reserved for private film screenings on Mondays at 9–21, from Tuesdays to Fridays at 9–16 and on Saturdays and Sundays at 10–12. At other times, the cinema is operated by the National Audiovisual Institute. The facility has seats for up to 250 people, and you can screen the film from a computer or a DVD. If you screen your film as a DCP copy or in a similar format, you must hire a projectionist from the National Audiovisual Institute.

Contact information for the National Audiovisual Institute

Maijansali Hall can also be used for film screenings. The hall can be equipped with a rising 100–180-seat stand for film screenings. The hall has a screen onto which videos can be projected at a size of 5 x 2.5 m.

Please remember that if you screen copyrighted material at Oodi, you must have a permission to screen the material. As the event organiser, you are also responsible for complying with responsibilities specified in the Act on Audiovisual Programmes (710/2011), such as age ratings.

Learn more about Maijansali Hall and Kino Regina and reserve a suitable facility for your film screening. If you have any questions about the suitability of your event for Oodi, you can also email us at oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

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Food-related event

A birthday party for a group of friends, a workplace recreation day, casual cooking together… or maybe your own kitchen is simply too small for baking? The second floor of Oodi features a kitchen suitable for a variety of food and cooking-related events. The kitchen is well suited for teaching cooking. The kitchen can also host open public events, such as cookbook publishing events.

Learn more about the kitchen of Oodi or ask for more information about the suitability of your event for Oodi: oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

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Pop-up event

You can organise small-scale pop-up events on the first floor of Oodi. The facility is suitable for events such as presentations of the activities of organisations and associations or introductions of various non-profit services. Please note that commercial activities are not allowed at the pop-up points.

You can also use the first floor lobby to organise public events that are open and suitable for public facilities. The facility can be equipped with rows of seating for around 20 people.

Enquire about available times and the suitability of your event for Oodi: oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

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Event under the peak of Oodi

You can organise various outdoor events, such as small-scale music events or other performances, in front of Oodi – or in other words, under its peak. Oodi can provide the event with electricity and potentially other event technology.

You must schedule the event with Oodi beforehand. Enquire about available times and the suitability of your event under the peak of Oodi: oodi.tilat@hel.fi.

Please note that if your event extends to Kansalaistori, you must apply for a permit from the City of Helsinki Urban Environment Division. If you want to organise event solely on Kansalaistori square, you must also apply for a permit from the Urban Environment Division.

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