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How to organise an event at Oodi

We would love to help you hold your event at Oodi. Here’s how to do it!

1. Select a suitable facility

You have decided to organise an event at Oodi. Go right ahead and read about our various event facilities. Please remember to also read the rules for using our facilities.

Learn more about the event facilities of Oodi

Read the rules for using group and work facilities

Read the rules for using the fee-based facilities

2. Reserve a facility

Reserve your chosen facility through the Varaamo online service. If the facility cannot be reserved through Varaamo or you are unsure about the suitability of your event for Oodi, you can e-mail us at

Go to Varaamo

3. Wait for the reservation to be confirmed

Great, the facility reservation was successful! We will contact you within about 10 working days and confirm your reservation.

4. Order catering services

If you want to have catering at your event, you can order it from Oodi’s restaurant.

Read more about Oodi’s catering services

5. Tell us your technology and furnishing wishes

Different events call for different furnishings and technology. Accordingly, please tell us what kind of technology and furnishings your event requires at least two weeks in advance.

6. Schedule a facility tour

If you want to come and see the facility you have reserved, you can schedule a tour with us in advance. Please note that our facilities are often reserved and tours cannot thus always be given.

7. Send us your marketing materials

If you have agreed on the marketing of the event with us, please send us the required materials at least three weeks before the event. This way, your event can receive enough visibility, which may have an effect on the number of attendees.

8. Carry out the event

Finally, the event day is here! You can arrive at the facility at the agreed upon time, whereby our staff will be there to greet you and help you get the event started.

9. Respond to a feedback survey

Your event is now over. Afterwards, we will send you a feedback survey and hope that you will respond to it. Your feedback will help us develop our services.

Thank you for holding your event with us!

Organising a private event

Are you planning to organise a private event at Oodi? Read more about organising a closed event.