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Organising a private event at Oodi

You can organise private events, such as company meetings or closed seminars, at Oodi. Maijansali Hall and Kino Regina on the first floor of Oodi are especially well suited for such events. If you want to organise a closed event at Oodi, a fee will be charged for using the event facilities.

Basis of the facility rent

If the event involves advance registration or an entrance fee, or the event is held only for a very limited group, we will charge a rental fee for using the facility.

We want as many operators as possible, minor and major alike, to have an opportunity to organise a meeting or a training event at Oodi. For this reason, we have two price categories: reduced price and full price.

If the event involves commercial activities or the organiser is a commercial operator, we always charge the full facility rent for using the facility. Correspondingly, if you are organising a political, religious or governmental event, we will charge a full facility rent for using the facility.

As a library, we want to support non-profit operators and aim to provide them with our facilities for a reduced price. We always take the characteristics of each event into consideration when making a decision on the final price.

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Making a facility reservation

All of our facilities can be reserved through the Varaamo online service, where you can pick a facility that suits your event. You can have two reservations at the same time, and reservations can be made up to about a year in advance. Please note that all reservations are preliminary, and we will contact you within 10 working days of making the reservation.

When reserving a facility, please tell us as much as possible about your event and its content. This will help us determine the facility rent. We also kindly ask that you list your furnishing and technology wishes, if you know them already. If we need more information about your event, we will contact you by e-mail.

If you need the group facilities on the second floor of Oodi for your event, you can rent one of them. Our group facilities are very popular and we want them to be available to as many customers as possible. Please note that the group facilities cannot be reserved for the entire day. You can reserve a group facility through Varaamo.

Go to Varaamo

When making a reservation, please fill out your invoicing information carefully to ensure that you will receive your invoice (if applicable) on time and at the right address. If you have any questions about organising an event, you can e-mail us at

Technology and furnishings

Our most versatile facility is Maijansali Hall on the first floor. The hall can be furnished in several different ways, from table groups to a rising stand. Maijansali Hall also features extensive presentation technology.

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Kino Regina features a stylish rising stand with seating for up to 250 people. The facility features a PA system and a large projection screen. Kino Regina can be equipped with some additional furnishings as well.

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Kuutio is a glass-walled space of 90 square meters. The space is currently mainly used as a meeting room and training facility. The space is equipped with two screens and projectors.

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Please send us your technology and furnishing wishes at least two weeks before the event. Please note that at this time, we cannot provide you with a technician for the entire duration of your event.

Catering service

Oodi’s restaurant serves as the exclusive caterer at Oodi. You can order both small-scale and large-scale catering from the restaurant for your event. The catering service can be arranged either inside the event facility or in the north end of the first floor. Please note that in Kino Regina, eating is prohibited entirely, so the catering service is always arranged outside the facility. Ordering catering requires a facility reservation.

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Oodi does not participate in the marketing of closed events. A notification of the event, such as a roll-up or a poster placed on a divider screen, can be placed in front of Oodi on the day of the event. Adverts or directions to the event may not be placed elsewhere in the library. If necessary, our staff can guide event attendees to the right facility at the customer service desks.


We will charge you for the event afterwards, and you will receive an invoice for the facility rent at the beginning of the next month. Please fill out the invoicing information carefully when making a facility reservation. If the invoicing information changes, we will update it free of charge before the invoice is sent. If you discover an error in an invoice you have already received, we will charge a €10 processing fee for revoking and resending the invoice.


Organising an open event

Are you planning to organise an event that is open to all at Oodi? Read more about organising a free-of-charge and open event.