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Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Oodi team up


The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra and Helsinki Central Library Oodi are introducing a new partnership for the spring 2020 season, when it will be possible to borrow season tickets to the orchestra’s concerts using a library card. In addition, four of the orchestra’s concerts will be screened live and free of charge inside the Maijansali hall at Oodi.

The idea for lending season tickets from a library was introduced this autumn by the Helsinki Seagulls basketball team and Töölö Library and has since grown into a nationwide phenomenon, especially in the field of sports. In the field of music, the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra is, as far as is known, the first symphony orchestra to make its season tickets available on loan from a library.

“Helsinki Central Library Oodi is a unique venue in terms of participation, equality and culture and a trendsetter for the libraries of the future. We are delighted to extend cooperation here within the Töölönlahti area and help augment Oodi’s services for all Helsinki residents with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s musical offerings,” says Aleksi Malmberg, General Manager of the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

“We at Oodi are also delighted about this new opportunity to work together with our neighbour and add more musical content to our services. We appreciate all kinds of new interactions and the chance to attract different audiences to try new services,” says Anna-Maria Soininvaara, Director of Oodi.

How to borrow a season ticket in a nutshell

– HPO will make available 2 season tickets for each of 4 concert series (8 season tickets in total)
– Up to two season tickets can be borrowed per library card
– Season tickets can be borrowed for up to 14 days (no renewals or reservations)

The first season tickets can be borrowed from the library from the start of 2020. The first concert for which the season tickets are valid will take place at the Helsinki Music Centre on 10 January.

HKO Screen live broadcasts in the Maijansali hall

The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s popular HKO Screen online broadcasts can be watched and listened to on the big screen inside the Mijansali hall at Oodi throughout the spring 2020 season. Altogether four concerts will be live streamed at Oodi simultaneously as the orchestra performs inside the Helsinki Music Centre: on 10 January, 20 March, 17 April and 15 May. The HKO Screen online broadcasts at Oodi will be free of charge, and visitors will be served by the library’s café.

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