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Studying and working

Because of its extensive opening hours and pleasant facilities, Oodi is a wonderful place to work remotely, study or spend a day at the office if you are a freelancer. You can organise your own meetings and teaching sessions by reserving group facilities of different sizes. At your disposal are computers, printers, photocopier-scanners and Stadinetti WLAN.

Open working facilities and reading room

Oodi has a variety of open working facilities and a reading room for quiet working.

Reading room

Oodi hosts a separate reading room for reading and quiet working. The reading room cannot be reserved. The reading room is located on the second floor of Oodi.

Stair seating

Stair seating on the second floor of Oodi is suitable for relaxed independent work or small-scale group work. There are numerous power outlets on the staircase. Discussions are allowed in the stair seating area, so if you are looking for a quiet spot, this is not for you.

Workplaces on the second floor

There are workplaces with electric tables on the second floor of Oodi, behind the Kuutio space.

Workplaces on the third floor

On the third floor of Oodi there are desks with reading lights and power outlets, sofa and table groups as well as plenty of places for sitting, ranging from the iconic ball chairs to armchairs.

Bookable working facilities

Oodi’s bookable working facilities are well suited for intense working, group work, meetings and training.

Bookable work rooms

Oodi has six small work rooms that can be booked for 1–3 people. The work rooms are on the second floor of Oodi.

Bookable group work rooms

Oodi has ten group rooms of different sizes. Depending on their size, they can be booked for 4–16 people. The group work rooms are on the second floor of Oodi.

Book Oodi’s working facilities via Varaamo

Computers and their booking

There are customer computers on the first and second floor of Oodi. The computers on the first floor can be used without booking. Their use is limited to 30 minutes. The customer computers on the second floor can be booked. Their use is limited to 1 hour.

All the computers can be used for printing and contain, in addition to the Internet, for example, text and image processing software and databases acquired by the library.

When you log in to the customer computer, your username is your library card number and your password is your PIN code. Alternatively, you can also use your mobile phone number to log in. If necessary, the staff will help you in the use of the computers.

Book a customer computer in Oodi

Copying, printing and scanning

In the library, you can print securely on your own. There are printers and multi-function printers on the first and second floor of Oodi that can be used for copying and scanning. One printer on the second floor can also be used to print A3-sized sheets. The printouts and copies cost €0.40/sheet.

It is also possible to print from your own device, the staff will help you if necessary.

Having meals in Oodi

When you take a break from work, you can drop in for lunch or coffee on the first or third floor of the library. You can also order catering from Oodi’s restaurant to the meeting rooms on the second floor.

Eating your own packed lunch is allowed almost everywhere in Oodi. However, it is forbidden at the rugs and sofas in the Children’s World, in the café and restaurant area and at the library’s computers and equipment and in the studios. Water points for filling water bottles can be found on the second floor of Oodi.

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