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Professional visits to Oodi are divided into various thematic packages. These themed tours are aimed at those groups that have a professional interest in libraries. At the end of this page, there is a registration link. On that form, groups can also inquire about visiting other Helsinki City Library sites.

Themed tours

All tours include a general overview of Oodi and its services. The themed portions include a more detailed and in depth look at specific areas of modern library services and functions. Themed tours will include a staff member of Oodi that is familiar with that particular theme.


Functional civic society
Children’s services
Promotion of reading

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Functional civic society

In Finland, the library plays a strong role for all in society as an open, free-of-charge, low-threshold service. In library facilities, anyone can study, work, organise different functions and participate in them. The library helps different people to meet each other and offers practical help in doing things for those who need it. The library also supports the integration of immigrants in different ways.

Among other things, visitors to Oodi can learn about the City of Helsinki information point, or Helsinki-info, and EU@Oodi and the work of other partners supporting civic activity, drop in on the exhibition facilities of the City Planning Department on the first floor, hear about Oodi’s work with immigrants and find out about the event and meeting facilities that can be reserved.

On this themed tour, your group will get not only a general presentation but also an overview of the role of Oodi as part of a functional city and civic society.


At a library, you can improve your digital literacy and digital expertise. For example, coding workshops are organised for children and digital advice is available for people of all ages at many branches. At Makerspace, you can learn about 3D printing and other digital technologies, among other things. The digital and pedagogical skills of the personnel are also improved and maintained. Robotics, floating collections and other process rationalisation are freeing up personnel for expert tasks.

At Oodi, digitality manifests itself in many ways. On the second floor are, for example, Makerspace and studios, as well as an immersive exhibition facility. Community spirit and the sharing of information are integral parts of the Makerspace ideology. At the Urban Workshop, work is being done to prevent digital inequality by offering diverse opportunities for different kinds of activity. All facilities can be reserved through a digital booking system, and information is given about Oodi’s events and themes throughout the building on digital screens. A sorting machine and robotic arm located in the basement and robotic trolleys transporting books make the work of personnel easier.

On this themed tour, your group will get not only a general presentation but also an overview of Oodi’s digital operations and its role as a developer of digital expertise.

Children’s services

In Helsinki, close cooperation is carried out with schools and day-care centres. Plenty of pedagogical activity and events are organised for children. School classes visit libraries to learn about their work, how to search for information and to have different kinds of experiences. A range of participatory activities is available for young people.

The children’s area with its storytelling rooms situated on the third floor of Oodi is a shared reading paradise for children and families, but for children there are plenty of activity and adventures on every floor. On the first floor is the Loru Play Park, which also extends outdoors. Children’s pedagogical workshops and games are an important part of activity on the second floor, which provides things for young people to do in the evenings.

On this themed tour, your group will get not only a general presentation but also an overview of Oodi’s activity for children and young people.

Promotion of reading

The promotion of reading, multiliteracy and various methods of reading is a core area of the library, which is supported by, for example, tips on what to read, reading circles and storytelling hours. Children’s reading confidence is increased at many libraries by, for example, reading-dog activity, and people of all ages can participate in various events where people read to each other. Reading coaches open up new reading experiences for customers, to which the library’s interesting and well-maintained collections lead.

Oodi’s collection is mostly on the third floor, which is also called ‘Book Heaven’. Different exhibitions of materials and comfortable places for reading attract people to literature, either alone or with others. Oodi offers a range of reading circles in various languages. Author visits arranged together with publishers are an important part of the event schedule.

On this themed tour, your group will get not only a general presentation but also an overview of Oodi’s activity to promote reading.


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