Price list for Oodi’s rental premises

If you are planning to organise an event in co-operation with Oodi, hold a public event open to everyone, you may be entitled to a reduced price or using the facility free of charge. In this case, please provide more information on your event when making your reservation, so we are able to define the correct price. The prices include VAT (24%).

Day 1 950,00
4 hours 1 160,00
Hour 320,00
Reduced price
Day 780,00
4 hours 464,00
Hour 128,00
Kino Regina
Day 2 100,00
4 hours 1 260,00
Hour 360,00
Reduced price
Day 840,00
4 hours 504,00
Hour 144,00
Event venue Kuutio
Day 800,00
4 hours 480,00
Hour 140,00
Reduced price
Day 320,00
4 hours 192,00
Hour 56,00
Small group kitchen
5 hours or more 186,00
4 hours 112,00

The daily prices are listed in accordance with Oodi’s opening hours.
The rents include cleaning. Additional services by agreement.

The library reserves the right to change prices.

Using facilities

Please be sure to also read the terms of use of Oodi’s facilities.

The user rules for the group rooms ›

The user rules for the fee-based facilities ›