What can I do at Oodi?

Oodi is what you want it to be. Borrow books, read magazines, enjoy lunch, work, hang out, see a movie, study, hold a meeting, organise events, enjoy a glass of wine, learn about the EU’s activities, create music, meet friends, sew curtains, play with children or play boardgames. Oodi is all of this and more.

Book Heaven

The Book Heaven located on the third floor is a reader’s paradise with a wide selection of books in nearly 20 languages. You can relax on the sofas under the trees, reading books and magazines or playing boardgames with friends. In the summer, the Citizens’ Balcony offers a spectacular view of Töölönlahti Park and the city centre. Oodi also makes use of robotics; if you want to see the library’s automated guided vehicles at work, simply head to the Book Heaven and keep your eyes peeled.

We have about 100,000 items available to lend. There is material for children, young people and adults. We have the City Library’s largest collection of sheet music, a very extensive collection of comics and many different console and board games. In Book Heaven, you will also find the Rainbow Shelf, which offers fiction, fact, comics and films concerning sexual and gender minorities.

All Oodi’s newspapers and periodicals are to be found in Book Heaven. In addition to traditional newspapers and magazines, we also have plenty of newspaper tablets, which you can use to access digital provincial papers and thousands of foreign ones.

If you don’t find the item that you want in Oodi’s Book Heaven, you can reserve it from other Helmet libraries in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area: at your disposal are, among other things, 3.4 million works and the largest e-library in the Nordic countries.

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At Book Heaven, you can pick up your order from the shelf yourself, without having to queue. Reservations are located conveniently right next to the escalator.

Urban Workshop

At the Urban Workshop on the second floor, you can create new things and personalise old ones. At your disposal is a wide range of professional tools from a soldering station to a laser cutter, not forgetting traditional handicrafts. You can use the work facilities and tools by yourself or with the assistance of the library personnel.

With the laser cutter, you can cut and engrave utensils, jewellery and decorations that you have designed. With the 3D printer and cutter, you can make physical objects from spare parts to miniature models. Window decals and cloth prints are easy using the vinyl cutter and sticker printer. Also available to you are various sewing machines that you can use for anything from repair work to embroidery.

Urban Workshop organises a range of workshops and events for all ages. Come to Oodi and put your ideas into practice!

The workshop’s services and equipment are not yet fully operational. Up-to-date information on equipment available for reservation can be found in the Varaamo service:

Reserve facilities and equipment

Studying, working and meeting facilities

Because of its extensive, open and pleasant facilities, Oodi is a wonderful place to work remotely, study or spend a day at the office as a freelancer. You can organise your own meetings and teaching sessions by reserving group facilities of different sizes.

Oodi has comfortable, open working facilities with many power sockets and peaceful reading rooms. At your disposal are computers, printers, photocopier-scanners and Wi-Fi.

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When you take a break from work, you can drop in for lunch or coffee on the first or third floor of the library.

Visit the website of Oodi’s restaurants

Music services

At Oodi, you can go through the process of creating music from start to finish: from rehearsal right up to the finished product and a successful performance. Different kinds of studios and playing rooms can be booked, the design of which has taken various needs from mixing to drumming into consideration. The rooms contain workstations, amplifiers and other musical equipment. With a library card, you can borrow instruments like guitars, basses and synthesisers to use at the library. We provide guidance in the use of the studio facilities and equipment.

Together with our partners, we organise music-themed lectures, workshops and concerts. In our teaching facilities, we hold music-related clubs and courses. Oodi also has a listening and viewing room, where you can enjoy recordings alone or with others.

You can organise your own concert at Oodi. The facilities can be adapted to very different kinds of events, with the selection ranging from the multi-purpose hall accommodating 200 people to the Cube events venue equipped with glass walls.

All studios and playing rooms are not operational yet. Up-to-date information on equipment available for reservation can be found in the Varaamo service:

Reserve facilities and equipment

Oodi is home to the largest collection of sheet music in Helsinki City Library: a total of approximately 9,000 items. In addition to this, Oodi also has music books and magazines as well as DVDs with concert recordings and instructions on how to learn to play instruments.

Gaming services

On Oodi’s 2nd floor you find devices and facilities for digital gaming enthusiasts and those who like table games. In the games rooms, bookable through Varaamo, you can play alone or, together with a few friends on the latest consoles, have adventures in the world of virtual reality or go back in time with retrogames.

In terms of their power, the PC computers in the games area are suitable for the needs of even the most demanding gaming fans. If, on the other hand, you and your friends need a table of playing space for board-, card- or role-playing games, you’ll find it on the 2nd floor of Oodi. We also organise supervised gaming activity open to all.

Up-to-date information on equipment available for reservation can be found in the Varaamo service:

Reserve facilities and equipment

Events at Oodi

At Oodi, you can take part in a diverse range of events and workshops, attend lectures and be inspired by media art – seven days a week from morning to evening, during holidays, weekends and weekdays.

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Do you want to hold your own event at Oodi? You can do that! For this purpose, we have rooms of different sizes that can be adapted for all kinds of activity. At your disposal are, for example, a multi-purpose hall equipped with diverse technology, a cinema, the Cube equipped with glass walls, a teaching kitchen for 10 people and cosy smaller rooms.

All premises can be conveniently reserved via the Varaamo service.

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Oodi for children and families

Oodi has space for relaxed quality family time and for doing things together. Children are considered on all Oodi’s floors and the building has an accessible entrance for prams and buggies.

Families at Oodi will be delighted with the new Play Park Loru, which will tempt children and adults to spend time freely together or take part in supervised activity. The play park facilities are situated on the third floor, in the children’s section balcony. You may come across Loru staff anywhere in Oodi because the play park activity spreads out from Loru’s base all over the building.

The Urban Workshop on the 2nd floor is for everyone interested in doing things, making things and experimenting with things, regardless of age. On the 2nd floor, you will also find Oodi’s game consoles and machines.

The Children’s World on the third floor offers the chance to chill out and immerse yourself in stories. For children, there are books and other materials, such as films and board games. The Children’s World has a cosy story room for storytelling moments and events, as well as an events room.

You can get to the Children’s World conveniently by lift directly from the entrance floor. A pram park and baby-treatment room serve those moving about with young library visitors.

For children, Oodi organises many free-of-charge events such as nursery rhyme and story moments, concerts and themed days. Most of the events are provided in co-operation with organisations and other professionals in the field of children’s culture.

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Film, information and playground services

Kino Regina

Cinema experiences are provided by the National Audiovisual Institute’s cinema Kino Regina. In addition to classics, Kino Regina also shows modern films as well as art films and alternative films. Screenings are held six days a week, from Tuesday to Sunday, with three screenings a day on average. The cinema has 250 seats and 2 wheelchair spaces. The entire first row has also been designed for wheelchair use.

For information on films and screenings, please see the Kino Regina website.

Visit Kino Regina’s website


Helsinki-info offers information and advice on the City of Helsinki’s services, immigration and digital services. Visitors can also make use of the customer computers and free Wi-Fi access in the vicinity of the information desk.

The services of Helsinki-info are also available online and via phone. For more information, please see the Helsinki-info website.

Visit the Helsinki-info website


EU@Oodi, the local Europa Experience showroom in Finland, is co-hosted by the European Commission and the European Parliament. It is a public space where you can find information on the European Union. EU@Oodi contains various media stations that you can use to learn about the functioning and objectives of the Union. A guide is always present to help you out with using the information sources available.

For more information, please visit the EU@Oodi website (in Finnish).

Visit the European Commission’s website

Playground Loru

Playground Loru is an open meeting place for families with children, which hosts singing, playing, nursery rhyming and physical activity sessions. Playground Loru promotes playground activities in Helsinki and helps families find their local playgrounds. Loru is also an excellent destination for children’s and school groups.

Loru’s opening hours and events can be found on the playground’s website (in Finnish).

Visit the Playground Loru's website

Three floors, three atmospheres

Every floor in Oodi has its own character, based on the possibilities it offers. Oodi has room for both quiet and more noisy activities.

Explore the floors

Lunch, snack or meeting coffee

Food & Co. offers delicious food from morning till evening, seven days a week. The restaurant also offers catering services for meetings and events.

Visit the website of Oodi’s restaurants

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