What can I do at Oodi?

Oodi is what you want it to be. See your friends, create art, read and relax. Visit Oodi with your family, book a meeting room or spend a work day in a calm environment. You can even hold your own event at Oodi!

Read and borrow books and other materials

Fiction and non-fiction that may be borrowed can be found on the third floor. Our customers can choose from among approximately 100,000 titles. The library has reading material in various languages, such as the most common European languages, as well as Arabic, Chinese, Somali and Russian. Newspapers, magazines and tablets for reading digital publications are located on the top floor. The third floor also features the collection point for reserved material. The return machine is located on the library’s bottom floor.

Use the family library’s services

Oodi provides services for children and families on all of its floors. Oodi has facilities available for various family needs. The library contains a large number of books and other materials for children, event venues, a story room and a childcare room.

The children’s section on the third floor has a comprehensive selection of children’s books and other materials. Free events will be held in the children’s section, including storytimes and children’s days. There is also a pram park in the children’s section.

Make and repair objects and explore the world of hobby crafts

In the second-floor urban workshop you can try out 3D printing and scanning, explore hobby crafts and sewing, build things or make modifications and repairs to existing ones. There is a wide range of tools: a laser cutter, sticker printer, heat press, sewing machines, overlock sewing machines, embroidery machines and badge machines. You can book machines via Varaamo.

Hold a meeting or work

Oodi is a fantastic place for remote working or studying, or for freelancers to have an office day. You can hold meetings and teaching sessions by booking our group facilities (10 rooms of various sizes) and teaching facilities. In addition, Oodi has cosy open work facilities with a large number of power sockets. You can book rooms via Varaamo.

There are also computers, printers, copy machines and a wireless internet connection available to the customers.

Take part in or hold events and exhibitions

At Oodi, you can take part in city events, listen to lectures, visit exhibitions and get excited at the workshops. You can also produce your own events using the library’s facilities.

1st floor

the multi-purpose hall and the cinema

This floor with a busy lobby area has a large hall and cinema available for screenings and other events. Oodi’s facilities can be used to hold exhibitions, pop-up events, shows and performances, among other things.

2nd floor

the event venue Cube

The Cube is approximately 100 square meters in size and has smart glass walls. The facility can be used for virtual seminars, workshops or lectures, to name a few options.

3rd floor

children’s event facilities

Events for the whole family, such as storytimes, workshops and campaigns, can be held in the children’s section.

Create sound and images

In the second-floor soundproofed music studios and other work facilities you can play, record and edit music, take studio photos, make media art and be creative in a multitude of ways. The studios and graphic work stations can be booked for private or shared use, and they contain high-level amateur equipment.


Let your imagination run wild in the game facilities on Oodi’s second floor, which offer equipment such as PCs and VR glasses, as well as a computer room that can be used for gaming.

Grab a coffee or a bite to eat

When the city’s residents were asked about their wishes for the services of the new library, many dreamt of a cosy reading café and library bar. After competitive tendering, Fazer was chosen as the supplier of the restaurant and café services. The first floor hosts a licensed restaurant, café, and a terrace, and the third floor has a café where you can take your cup to the views of the Citizens’ Balcony.

Three floors, three atmospheres

Read more about the three floors of Oodi.

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