Frequently asked questions

What library card does Oodi accept?

Central Library Oodi is part of the Helsinki region’s Helmet network of public libraries. As such, the library card accepted at Oodi is the Helmet library card. Material borrowed from Oodi can be returned to any Helmet library.

How do I book a guided tour of Oodi?

Information on guided tours of Oodi is available on the Tours page.

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How do I book facilities at Oodi?

Facilities in Oodi can be booked through Varaamo.

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How much does facility reservation cost?

Most of the facilities can be booked by the city’s residents for free. However, a fee may be charged for reserving the larger event venues, such as the cinema and the multi-purpose hall.

Price list for Oodi’s rental premises

Can I hold an event at Oodi?

Yes, you can. Oodi serves as an activity and performance platform for the residents of Helsinki. You can organise events open to everyone, workshops or even cooking classes at Oodi.

Can I host an art exhibition at Oodi?

Oodi can be used as a venue for displaying digital art. If you are interested in showcasing your digital artworks at Oodi, please send a message to oodi.tilat@hel.fi. Oodi does not have any wall surfaces or showcases suitable for displaying physical works of art.

Where can I order catering for an event held at Oodi?

Catering at Oodi is handled by Fazer Food & Co.

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Can I take photographs or shoot video in Oodi?

Oodi is a public space, so you can take photographs freely and free of charge, as long as any customers are not clearly shown in the photographs. Any photo shoots must be carried out so that no customer facilities or services are made unavailable due to the shoot. Photography or filming must also not disturb the customers in any way.

Are the lavatories at Oodi free?

Yes, they are.

Can I eat my own snacks and food at Oodi?

The following are allowed:

  • Eating your own small snacks on all floors
  • Dining in Fazer’s restaurant and café
  • Purchasing beverages or food from Fazer’s café and enjoying them elsewhere in the premises
  • Ordering catering services from Fazer to the facilities of Oodi


The following are not allowed:

  • Eating snacks or food near computers and machines
  • Eating strong-smelling foods in the public spaces
  • Eating in Regina/the auditorium
  • Eating your own snacks or foods in Fazer’s café or restaurant
  • Ordering catering services to Oodi from a service provider other than Fazer
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages outside of Fazer’s designated areas

Who do I contact regarding lost property?

You can enquire about any lost items at the lobby service desk located on the first floor of Oodi or by telephone at +358 (0)9 310 85000. Lost items are kept at Oodi for two weeks, after which they are delivered to Suomen löytötavarapiste (Lost Property Office), located in the Kamppi Shopping Centre.

Website of the lost property office


Can I visit Oodi with a pram?

Oodi is accessible to prams. There is a pram-free area in Children’s World on the third floor next to a parking area for prams. During major children’s events, there is also a temporary pram parking area on the ground floor. During other major public events, access to Oodi with a pram may have to be restricted due to security reasons.

How accessible is Oodi?

Particular attention was paid to accessibility when designing Oodi.

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Where can I find disabled parking near Oodi?

There are disabled parking spaces by Oodi’s southern entrance, between Oodi and Sanoma House.

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Are dogs allowed in Oodi?

The only pets allowed at Oodi are guide dogs . Helsinki City Library has ruled that some of Helsinki’s public libraries are open to dogs and other pets, while others only allow guide dogs. Of the public libraries in the city centre area, the Rikhardinkatu Library welcomes dogs. Dogs are also allowed on the ground floor of Kallio Library.

How many books does Oodi have?

Oodi has a collection of 100,000 books, magazines, newspapers, sheet music, films and games. Oodi’s collection includes books in 17 different languages and material aimed at children, young people and adults alike. Oodi is one of the Helsinki region’s Helmet libraries, which provide customers with access to nearly 3.5 million individual works.

Does Oodi accept books as donations?

Oodi is not equipped to process donated books to make them available to borrow, as a result of which book donations are currently not accepted at Oodi. If you are interested in donating books, please contact one of the other Helsinki City Library locations.

How can I get a job at Oodi?

Oodi’s employees have already been appointed from amongst the Helsinki City Library’s permanent staff members. Our partners will have their own employees.

How was Oodi’s name chosen?

The City of Helsinki organised an open competition for the naming of the new library in October 2016. A total of 2,600 suggestions, 1,600 of which were different names, were ultimately submitted for the competition. Of these suggestions, the jury picked ‘Oodi’ as the name for the new library. The grounds for the selection included the fact that Oodi is easy to remember, short, easy to pronounce and inflect and works in many different languages. The aim was that the name should also have connections to literature and thus the library.

Is Oodi Helsinki’s main library?

No, it is not. Pasila Library will remain Helsinki’s main library and the administrative centre for the city library, and it will continue to manage the city library’s national development duties. Pasila also houses Helsinki City Library’s largest music collection, multilingual library services and the book warehouse.

What sparked the idea for building Oodi?

The idea was first proposed in 1998 by Claes Andersson, who was the Minister of Culture at the time, suggesting that a city library be built where the Finnish Parliament Annex now stands. On 28 January 2015, the City Council approved the construction of the Central Library.

How was Oodi funded?

On 28 January 2015, Helsinki City Council decided that Oodi was to be funded by the City of Helsinki. However, the state also granted 30 million euros, since Oodi is one of Finland’s key centennial projects. The total cost was 98 million euros.

What can I do at Oodi?

Oodi is what you want it to be. See your friends, create art, read and relax. Visit Oodi with your family, book a meeting room or spend a work day in a calm environment. You can even hold your own event at Oodi!

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