Frequently asked questions

What sparked the idea for building Oodi?

The idea was first proposed in 1998 by Claes Andersson, who was the Minister of Culture at the time, suggesting that a city library be built where the Finnish Parliament Annex now stands. On 28 January 2015, the City Council approved the construction of the Central Library.

Why is Oodi needed?

Having a public and safe urban facility that is open to all and free of charge formed the basis for Oodi’s design, as such facilities are in short supply in central Helsinki. Töölö Library, Kallio Library and Library 10, operating in the city centre, are the biggest in Helsinki in terms of the number of users, so the need to increase library services has been significant.

How is Oodi funded?

On 28 January 2015, Helsinki City Council decided that Oodi was to be funded by the City of Helsinki. However, the state also granted 30 million euros, since Oodi is one of Finland’s key centennial projects. The total costs will be 98 million euros.

Will Oodi become Helsinki’s main library?

No, it will not. Pasila Library will remain Helsinki’s main library and the administrative centre for the city library, and it will continue to manage the city library’s national development duties.

How will Oodi affect the operations of local libraries?

Library 10, which was located in Postitalo, was relocated to Oodi, and the multilingual library at Pasila library was partially transferred here, as well.

How do I book facilities at Oodi?

In week 50 on December 2018 Oodi’s facilities will be available for booking via varaamo.hel.fi.

How much does facility reservation cost?

Most of the facilities can be booked by the city’s residents for free. However, a fee may be charged for reserving the larger event venues, such as the cinema and the multi-purpose hall.

Are the lavatories at Oodi free?

Yes, they are.

How accessible is Oodi?

Particular attention was paid to accessibility when designing Oodi. The aim is for Oodi to be a forerunner, leading the way in accessibility, as well.

Are dogs allowed in Oodi?

Only service dogs. Because of allergy reasons, pets cannot be taken to any of Oodi’s floors. Some other libraries in Helsinki allow dogs.

Can I hold an event at Oodi?

Yes, you can. The majority of the events held at Helsinki’s libraries are organised by customers. This policy has proven to work well and has been adopted at Oodi, as well.

How many books does Oodi have?

Oodi has 100,000 books.

How can I get a job at Oodi?

Oodi’s employees have already been appointed from amongst the Helsinki City Library’s permanent staff members. Our partners will have their own employees.

What can I do at Oodi?

Oodi is what you want it to be. See your friends, create art, read and relax. Visit Oodi with your family, book a meeting room or spend a work day in a calm environment. You can even hold your own event at Oodi!

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